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From windshield repair to auto glass replacement, Auto Glass Express has you covered. Our auto glass shop specializes in both repair and replacement, and we can even help out with wiper motors, sunroof repair, and window regulator replacement. Your one-stop shop for automotive glass and more in Fairfax, Auto Glass Express is your car glass repair pro in northern Virginia and beyond.

Windshield Repairs

When your windshield is damaged, it's easy to assume you need a whole new front window. But that isn't always the case. The great news is that Auto Glass Express can provide windshield repairs for most minor chips and cracks. Repairing the damage and preventing it from getting worse, windshield glass repair is an affordable, smart alternative to complete windshield replacement. To learn more, call our auto glass repair professionals today!

Auto Glass Express- Emplyees handling windshieldsAt Auto Glass Express, we use a specialized epoxy windshield chip repair process to fix both chips and minor cracks. We utilize specialized tools and equipment to force the epoxy resin into the crack or chip and then cure the material with a UV light. When fully dried, your auto windshield repair is totally clear and virtually invisible. Best of all, it's as strong as your original windshield, so the physical integrity as well as the aesthetic appearance of your front window is restored. Fast and easy, our car windshield repairs are a straightforward solution when your windshield is damaged.

For your convenience, Auto Glass Express provides on-site chipped windshield repairs. That means instead of having to come to our auto glass shop to have your windshield repaired, we can come to you. Our mobile windshield repairs provide you with the utmost in convenience in addition to flawless workmanship and durable car windshield repairs. We even offer free estimates. So what do you have to lose? Call now to get started.

Windshield Glass Repair Saves You Money

Think that tiny chip or small crack is nothing to worry about? Don't think it makes sense to spend money fixing such a minor problem? Then it's time to think again. Even small chips and cracks can turn into big problems for your windshield. Bumps and potholes in the road can jar your vehicle, creating enough turbulence to expand a miniature chip into a major fissure. Even temperature changes can cause your windshield to expand and contract, progressively increasing the size of the fracture. And once the damage gets to be substantial, the crack will be too large to repair, and you'll have to shell out the big bucks for complete windshield replacement. On the other hand, if you call Auto Glass Express for windshield repair when the problem is still small, we can provide you with affordable windshield crack repair. Our special car glass repair epoxy not only fills in the crack or chip, it also reinforces the glass and prevents the problem from spreading. That's why it literally pays to be proactive about auto windshield repair. Get Auto Glass Express on your side for car windshield repair early on, and you'll save yourself the time, hassle, and cost of having to go through a complete windshield replacement.

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