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From windshield repair to auto glass replacement, Auto Glass Express has you covered. Our auto glass shop specializes in both repair and replacement, and we can even help out with wiper motors, sunroof repair, and window regulator replacement. Your one-stop shop for automotive glass and more in Fairfax, Auto Glass Express is your car glass repair pro in northern Virginia and beyond.

Window Regulator Replacement

If your car windows aren't going up and down properly, it can be a major problem. From letting in wind and rain to creating serious safety risks, you need to have that problem looked at! The good news is, in addition to car glass repair, Auto Glass Express also provides maintenance and repair services for auto window motors and regulators. Specializing in car window regulator replacement, we can pinpoint the cause of your vehicle window's malfunction and get your window glass back to gliding up and down effortlessly. For your free estimate, call today.

Here are a few signs you might need regulator or window motor replacement:

  • When you push the window button, you hear whirring or mechanical noises but the window doesn't move.
  • Window  opens and closes with jerky or irregular movements.
  • When you push the window button, nothing happens.

At Auto Glass Express, we can diagnose and resolve all of these window regulator motor problems and more! With 20 years of experience with auto glass replacement and window repair services, our professionals have the hands-on skill and professional tools to safely and correctly provide car window motor repair and replacement for just about any vehicle make or model. And because we provide mobile power window motor replacement services, we can come right to your home or workplace for on-the-spot repairs and the most convenient service around.

Replacing a car window regulator or motor can be a real pain: because these components are hidden inside your car door, you have to access the parts before you can even start your repairs. That's why it's best to leave window motor replacement and repair safely in the hands of the pros at Auto Glass Express. We're fully equipped with the tools and the knowledge to remove your interior door panels without damaging them, replace any broken window regulator motors and other parts, and get your power windows working smoothly once again.

So if your driver-side window is stuck down—and letting in rain, wind, and leaves—or you're concerned about vehicle safety with your passenger window that won't go back up, Auto Glass Express can help. We take the headaches out of window regulator replacement, so don't go it alone. Call now or send us a quick e-mail to get started on your car window motor repair or replacement service.

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